Steven Macy Studios Automotive Fine Art

Steve Macy’s passion for automobiles and capturing them in a piece of artwork goes back to a very early age. His father, who was very mechanically inclined, started Steve’s “education” in everything automotive. By the tender age of five, he was helping his dad turn wrenches on the various cars he owned.

But Steve’s interests went beyond the mechanical to the aesthetic. The design, shape, and colors are what motivated him to put pencil to paper. As time progressed so did his skills. His other passion was architecture. He attended the University of Illinois and the American Academy of Art where he received his formal training in architecture and art. Although his career path focused on architectural illustration, he always found time to produce automotive art.

The discipline in doing architectural illustration bled over into his automotive work which gives them a photorealistic style. The bold use of perspective, colors, contrast, and detail draw you into his work. Steve’s career as an architectural illustrator and automotive artist spans over 30 years.

His award winning work has been shown in numerous invitational and juried exhibitions throughout the country. In addition, Steve’s work has been seen in various publications and private collections worldwide.

2022 Show Schedule